Business Intelligence has always been considered as that set of business processes dedicated to the gathering and analysis of strategic information for companies needed to improve their competitive advantage. Such processes have to transform the data and the information they have in order to support as much as possible the business decisions.
The strategic value of this support for the companies’ business has made the purpose-assigned IT solutions critical in the companies’ planning of resources and IT outgoes, generating great expectations in the business managers, expecting these solutions to grant great benefits in the improvement of decisional processes.
However, the traditional approach to the issue that was formerly based on the creation of big data warehouses where all business data can flow together, then on the creation of views dedicated to the analysis of some business phenomenon (datamart), and finally on collecting information for business analysis in a perfectly technological logic, was no longer considered as the most efficient, because the business manager was not the key of the process and gave the risk of compromising the solution’s time-to-market.
In fact the big data warehouse projects actually have absorbed many resources for a long time and, when operational, the results turned to be non in line with the business logic.
A vision able to make a Copernican revolution; able to begin on business needs and create predictive analysis models and complement the data with the information, anywhere they are. This is moving the key on the analytic and business model instead of the IT infrastructure and this approach can grant market solutions vertically that can help to catch what the future of the companies’ business managers will be.

In Meware, we specialized in this approach to grant solutions that our customers need, understanding the real business needs of the companies with the aim of giving added value within months instead of years. Our solutions are based on SAS’s Business Analytics Framework, which is formed by:
Business Solution - Improve performances within each organization but also, for instance, draw more profit from relations with clients, streamline the supply chain, evaluate and manage the risk and improve effective strategies for the development of human resources.
Reporting - In the SAS frame work, query and reporting are part of a global approach for creating and sharing information.
Analytics - The predictive analysis models enable the detection of links between data, the analysis of backgrounds, the determination of trends and seasonal behaviors, the simulation of economic scenarios, the classification and segmentation of customers and the calculation of indexes, scores and ranks.
Data Management -  SAS built an enterprise environment of data management for companies; a fortified approach thanks to the leadership in data mining and text mining which, together with data integration technologies, enable the creation of models and the interpretation of data, be them structured or not (like e-mails, text documents, images and videos).


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