BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
Soa (Service Oriented Architecture)

Monitoring systems today are mainly associated to vertical applications to extract the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to the functioning and performances of each application silos.
However, in a business process view, where the process crosses horizontally the IT infrastructure involving many application silos, the monitoring needs to be conceived on an extended (end-to-end) logic, because it’s in such kind of logic that customers and business managers evaluate the efficiency of a service supply.
Hence the need for a new approach more in line with the process that can describe the real efficiency of the service through the presentation of KPIs calculated on end-to-end logic.
Our proposal for Business Process Monitoring is grounded on a new technology: Business Activity Monitoring that helps the description of end-to-end processes in a very simple and flexible way and makes a dashboard perfect for calculating and presenting KPI processes.
The solution is based on the idea that a process is made by a series of chained events that can be described by several features like: physical location, time, and various classifications of the event. All significant events are gathered by probes conveniently placed in the middle of the path of the process and are then distinguished and analyzed by measurements used to determine the relations required between the events, for the calculation of KPIs.
The Meware approach that we propose is based on the following typifying features:

- Original method that may help users in the definition and cataloguing of the events contained in a process and in finding the suitable measurements for KPI calculation.
- A few software programs that, thanks to an interactive phase of programming, provide monitoring solution of the end-to-end process with a dashboard good enough for supporting all the control aspects.
By collecting data from different applications, systems or other sources, this kind of monitoring activity grants the constant gathering of precise information about the status and results of each process and this is functional to finding in real time the best solutions for solving problems and replace quickly the organization, in order to improve the performance of the processes and gain efficiency.
This solution offers an interactive panel completely configurable that makes easy the analysis of the operations within the business goals, the performances and the present conditions in order to respond quickly and wittingly to any risk or opportunity, within the business, the management, the service quality control and the call centers in support to final customers.
With the suite of TIBCO and SAS products we grant a complete solution able to provide:

- Real time business monitoring: grants immediate intervention by living the alarm in case of programmed variance of one or more KPIs.
- Real time trending and analysis: grants the trend analysis and correlates activities and measurements typically for streamlining resources.
- Strategy monitoring: allows the monitoring of the companies’ goals expressed by strategic level measurements.


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