Meware's solution for Liquidity Risk

Basilea III emphasized on Liquidity Risk themes, imposing to banks to:
- Calculate indicators laid down in the relevant legislation (LCR, NSFR) and the Liquidity Ladder, regoular/managerial.
- Allow to make stress tests on evolution/replacement of maturity ladder's main components.
In that scope, Meware developed skills in the use of SAS “Risk Management for Banking” solution, in his Liquidity Risk component, implementing solution so that his customers are able to:

1. Produce standard risk measures for regulatory purposes and related reporting.

2. Produce managerial risk measures and related reporting.

3. Have a solution wich can be flexible for line-up in new regulated dictates.

4. Have a solution wich has got safety requires information traceability, in accordance with best market practice; auditing funcions are included.

5. Have a solution wich can provide the best flexibility in personalizing calculation algorithms.

-Meware's solution main characteristics are flexibility and starting/using handiness, flanking customers with a functional/technical support, wich is indispensable for reaching goals.

Reference: Banca Ifis

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