BPA (Business Process Automation)
Soa (Service Oriented Architecture)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now determining a new paradigm of reference for the IT architecture based on the assembly of modular software components which may be called in through standard interfaces that make them independent of both the platform and the implementation technology. Thanks to SOA, such software components with substantial functions, turn into elementary services that participate and give their contribution within a business process automation.

Therefore, born as the evolution of integration concepts, SOA provides a paradigm and reference standards to maximize inter-efficiency, sharing and reusing the IT resources in a context of distributed architecture.

In direct relation with SOA, Business Process Automation (BPA) is a discipline that merges software competences with a business-processes-oriented vision, to find efficient solutions and generate a value for customers.
The logic of Business processes has become the abstraction model most consistent with the evolution needs of the companies’ distributed information system; in this perspective, the traditional applications are burdened with managing a parceled component of the process within a context of cooperation with the other applications, all headed to be that larger whole that actually is the real process automation which typically goes through most of the IT resources horizontally.
Moreover, the former traditional approach that used to consider the process logics cabled into the codes of single applications and considered integration through CORBA and/or MOM middleware, is now moving towards architectures that conceive the business process’ implementation directly on middlewre, i.e. on the “orchestration”, achievable via Business Process Management tools.
Powerful designers with intuitive graphic interfaces implement the business logics very quickly on middleware, which is the orchestration level and calls in the elementary and substantial services provided by the traditional application silos.
In Meware, we developed remarkable experience in implementing the SOA architectures and in using BPM technologies by carrying out important projects for our customers; our expertise on such new architectures is our main differentiation feature.
We can design, create and figure out complex solutions based on the SOA paradigm, with the support of solid experience, innovative methodological approach and firm expertise on the main platforms on the market.


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