CEP (Complex Event Processing)
Soa (Service Oriented Architecture)

Nowadays companies find themselves managing a huge amount of data in different formats and to make this data effective in order to improve the decisional processes, they must be analyzed, categorized and correlated both among them and with the background trends very quickly because the information production speed is directly proportional to the speed required for the management of processes. Analysis, correlation and synthesis of data must be in real time in order to have a competitive edge over the competitors.

In fact the implementation of original solutions able to respond in real time to business events is actually based on the concept of “predictive business”, which is an approach that has to make the prediction of the customers’ needs something possible, has to achieve opportunities proactively and prevent potential problems. The technologies on which “predictive business” is grounded on are Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Business Process Analysis.
Gathering data related to events in real time, analyzing and correlating them with respect to expected behaviors and to business rules, analyzing them with respect to background trends through statistic and mathematical models, gives the possibility of both being ahead of negative events that may cause problems, and capitalizing on the positive business opportunities by modifying the process dynamics.
CEP is the technology that lies behind the gathering of information by messaging systems, by applications and by databases, in real time. It analyzes and correlates the events dynamically to detect situations and proclivities in order to anticipate any arising problem or either opportunity.
In the attempt of adapting to changes, organizations elaborate and modify constantly rules and models that may anticipate and neutralize the consequences of changing; CEP technology similarly allows the definition of rules and processes that may interpret events in order to solve problems or exploiting business opportunities.
Moreover, coupling the CEP technology with Business Analysis grants the correlation of the detected patterns with the analysis of the background trends and thus best supports the decisional processes.

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