Again, the usage of the SAS platform and of purpose-specific products, Meware’s specialists gained important experiences on solutions dedicated to customers’ management and the optimization of marketing actions on customers.
In particular, we are able to work out solutions that can:

- Analyze and segment customers according to many parameters, personal details, demography, behavior, to detect and evaluate tendencies that may contribute to improving business;
- Design, consider and analyze the results of the promotional marketing activities to maximize return of the investments deriving from marketing campaigns;
- Optimize and turn all actions and the right marketing communication channels in relation to the features of each customer, in order to improve the profitability of each contact action;
- Analyze the customers’ behavior through their Internet browsing and on companies’ websites.

Moreover, social networks today have a huge catchment area for its users’ thoughts and “common feel”; actually, in such a destructured environment, free from any bond, users express themselves freely and interact with each other with no conditioning. Finding, cataloguing and correlating such information becomes important to get the right feeling that users have about a product, a project or a brand.
“Sentiment Analysis” solutions analyze semantically texts catching their meaning and correlate such meanings with the analytic information; this is perfect to analyze the web and social networks to determine the users’ “real feelings”.
Meware has developed strong expertise on such solutions, relying on the SAS product platform, therefore, our qualified consulting service and the efficient solutions we find can help our customers to deal with this new contact channel that is peremptorily manifesting itself socially, politically and on business.


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