Meware complies with the business processes of Diversity Management for a proper enhancement of its people’s cultural diversities.

Our company aims to the enhancement and full employment of the unique contribution that each one of its employees carries within.
This contribution arises from the chance that everyone has, within the organization, to express, develop and exploit a wide range of skills and behaviors that show its gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, age, personal background and experience.
The decision-making proficiency, be it individual or organizational, that grants the effective management of diversities, may spring up only where there is no longer one and only paradigm of behavior and thoughts in favor of the development and blooming of different and varied personal qualities and orientations.
Meware’s approach to human resource management therefore leans towards the enhancement of the diversities of each member of the organization, be it a primary diversity (such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, mental characteristics/abilities, elements that are part of men’s natural heritage and cannot be altered) or a secondary diversity (features acquired in time such as educational background, family situation, geographic position, income, religion, organizational role, professional experiences).


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