Gamification is the use of typical gaming logics and techniques in contexts different from gaming to increase the involvement (engagement) and retention (loyalty) of customers and / or employees, creating gaming experience in business processes.
The main areas in which Gamification is used are:
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Internal Productivity and process improvement
  • Loyalty and Retention
  • Training
  • Logistics
The basic elements used in Gamification programs are described as follows.

Dynamics are the processes needed for guiding users (players) behaviours, they never enter explicitly into the system, i.e.:
  • Narrative: the structure that creates a coherent story in which the player is immersed
  • Emotions: what emotions are caused by the game
  • Limitations: constraints in the game
  • Progress: the feeling of having something to get, giving the game clear objectives
  • Relations: interactivity and social dynamics important for the game experience

Mechanics are the basic tools for the creation of Gamification application. They are used in different ways and mix depending on the dynamics that have to be achieved. They are the visible elements of the system, i.e.:
  • Points: are used to follow the actions and give feedback on the player's progress
  • Levels: progress indicators that show the movement of the player in the game path
  • Badges: a badge is a special award, virtual in most cases, which identifies a particular player status based on the actions he carried out
  • Rankings: elements that allow users to compare their results with other players, showing who have the most points or the better level
  • Missions: are a set of tasks to be accomplished, provided to the player, to get specific rewards
  • Achievement: It constitutes the achievement of a particular result by the player (eg. the completion of a mission) and normally has a associated prize
The realization of a Gamification program needs a software platform that allows for:
  • Implementing the various mechanics selected for supporting the game dynamics
  • Providing continuous feedback to the player by showing him all the information, constantly updated on his/her progress in the game path
  • Performing continuous monitoring and analysis of trends in the Gamification application
  • Dynamically change the game rules
  • Easily integrating with the enterprise systems involved in the Gamification application
To this aim the Meware has designed and implemented an innovative platform that allows for supporting the introduction of Gamification in business processes: the iEGP platform.

iEGP - innovative Enterprise Gamification Platform
iEGP© is a multi-level Gamification platform which make it possible to apply game mechanics within any existing enterprise system to engage customers, employees, and partners by transforming their job into fun. iEGP© is composed of five engines and is scalable from small teams to large enterprises

Rules engine
The Rules Engine makes it possible to define multiple, complex behaviours at multiple levels, whether at the group, system or enterprise level. Because of the rules engine sophistication it is possible to use an unlimited number of instances of any Gamification mechanics to support complex motivation program. The implementation of a Gamification program require only a simple configuration of the game rules through an easy to use and friendly admin user interface which give access to all platform functionalities
Presentation engine
The Presentation Engine provides real-time feedback to the player when they make any progress in the game process. Users can also have access to a personal page to display game rules, player transactions history and a graphic representation of the progress.
Social integration engine
With Social Integration Engine you can reward posting and sharing on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter leveraging the value of customers sharing their positive experiences via their personal social network. This help building brand reputation and influencing purchasing decisions.
Application integration engine
The application integration engine includes a robust API of REST connectors to enable rapid integration of enterprise applications involved in the Gamification program. Players can see in real time the progress made in the game while using applications they use daily. The engine allows a simple and rapid deployment of integrated Gamification application.
Analytic and Reporting Engine
The powerful engine for multidimensional Analytic and Reporting Engine allows the administrator of the game to monitor the players progress. Game administrator can see, for example, for each user how long he/her takes for completing a particular game element. Administrator can also make a detailed analysis (drill down) on the relationship between users and the elements of the game as levels, badges, missions. Game administrator can have an insight on the distribution of the players on the status of a particular game element. This should help them to understand how the users progress in context of the game element. Admin could, for instance, notice that only a few users completed a particular mission, while most others are stuck in one particular sub-goal of that mission. This might be an indicator that the design of the mission needs adjustment. To find ideas and get suggestions on how to introduce gamification in your company or to request a demo of the platform contact us!

Meware: info.gamification@meware.it
The Gamification platform has been developed in collaboration with EGCG

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