- From the very first balance (2010), Meware reached a substantial goal, invoicing more than 1 Million of Euros, closing the business year with a surplus, reaching the break-even.
Starting from that result, we keep going on, growing year after year reaching in 2013, during the 4th year of activity, 4.5 Milions Euros with a 7,5% EBIT.
In 2013 again, Direct Business volume reached the 66%, surpassing the Indirect Business, the one wich was implemented by big companies of System Integration.Meware has got 75 employees, whereof 70 operative. The 98% of them graduated in several Italian universities, and the 80% of them are certified on TIBCO and SAS technologies. This type of Human Capital responds to our request of specialisation and quality!
With the partecipation of many big companies, universities, and research (centries), Meware won two tender noticies to make logistic projects, useful for the whole European community.

- Modulushca (Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-Modal Networks) A research plan for creation of a logistic integrator system, including the whole Europe, wich wants to emulate Internet's working principles.

- LogiCon for the develop of an integration and communication system between all the small European carrier.




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