Meware is a company operating in the design and implementation of IT solutions. It’s a new business venture born in January 2010 specialized in services based on middleware platforms, as well as in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and in Business Analytics solutions.
The name we chose is the acronym of Middleware Evolution and stands for our extensive expertise on the components that we think will be the basis of a new paradigm that is slowly winning all the companies’ IT architecture and configuration.
Meware is a private company having its Shareholders as its direct Managers; here we are sure that, despite the economic critical times and with a highly competitive and mature market, there is always room for people who want to stand out with values like skill, specialization, excellence, honesty and transparency. These are the qualities that we are grounded on and bound to, which grant our customers the highest standards of response and make us a company of people who want to make the difference and actually can.
Meware s.r.l. - registered office Largo Gibilmanna, 4 - 00146 Roma // P.IVA 10792021007 // tel. +39 06 5911669 // Fax +39 06 56561042 // mail info@meware.it