The main component of our business strategy is specialization, so competences are our differentiation feature. So we decided to be the best on few selected platforms and develop solid expertise, rather than having general competences on a larger field.
Developing an expertise is mostly about selecting personnel with the right requirements and the aim is reaching excellence; then there is a more in-depth formation where practical experience within complex projects with our customers plays the key role; finally, we ask our people to seal the acquired knowledge with a process of certification on the product, the platform or a specific skill.
Because of this path we are proud to have a people of which:
- 100% are graduated
- 70% achieved a post-graduation master course with Meware’s contribution in most cases
- 90% is qualified on the technologies we deal with.

Integration and SOA

For Application Integration and Service-Oriented Architecture matters we, Meware, have specialized on the TIBCO platform.
When speaking of the competences on the TIBCO architecture we must consider a horizontal dimension, as we refer to a many products that go from the integration bus to the BPM, passing from an infrastructure for Cloud Computing, as well as to a vertical direction that counts design and project competences or either development or activity.
We cover both directions, at Meware, and the vertical line in particular is provided with:
- SOA Architects
- Project Managers and Team Leaders
- Business Analysts
- Technology and products consultants
- Developers
- Operation and infrastructure experts

For covering products and platforms we have competences on the following solutions:

- Applications Integration
- Messaging
- User Interface components
- B2B Integration
- Service-Oriented Architecture
- Enterprise Service Bus
- Business Process Management
- Complex Event Processing
- Business Activity Monitoring
- TIBCO Business Intelligence and Analytics
- System Monitoring and Management

Java Enterprise

Meware also has Java Enterprise skills regarding the development and maintenance of enterprise applications.
Technological and methodological expertise, related to the J2EE platform, are as follows:
- Hibernate
- JBoss
- Spring framework
- Struts
- Boostrap
- Maven
- Spring
- Jenkins
- Web Service SOAP, REST

We also have expertise in other areas related to the Java platform:
- UP Methodology
- JBoss EAP
- OpenStack, OpenShift
- Drools

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