In this period of great economic crisis, banks are calculating the losses connected to an evaluation of the assets or a loss upon credits. In front of the big risk these operations require, European Banking Authorities enacted the asset's and financial ratio reinforcement measures called, Basilea 3.

The regulatory enviroment of Basilea 2 and Basilea 3 established specific goals about capitalization, and rewards banks wich adopt the most sophisticated measurement intstruments and risk assessment. The adoption of even more advanced analytical techniques leads to capital savings, but at the same time requires a more structured and systematic use of bank's informations.

In this contest, Meware gained lot of experience, supporting financial institutions, accompanyng them in determination of regulatory and operation components. For this purpose, the high “know how” level about functional competence of our employees, has been very useful, and this is the value wich carachterize them, along with a great technical capability usign SAS solutions, wich guaranteed to our clients a 360° degrees support achieving their goals.


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