Meware arises from the solid knowledge of a management team that gained great experience in the Italian IT world. Let's take a close look at its members:

Roberto Di Giulio

Managing Director and Partner.
Roberto started his professional activity with software development for important IT companies. His CV includes a long time of employment at an important American multinational company, which is Digital, where he worked firstly in the Product Marketing Division and then moved to the Business Section. He received greater responsibilities in Business duties becoming the Supervisor of the Branch of National Security and Defense, of the Central Public Finance Office and of Telecommunications, once Compaq absorbed Digital. He left Compaq in 1999 to begin walking with his own feet, in his first managerial and business activity concerning consulence and IT services, working as C.E.O. until 2009: it has been a decade of succes, infact, the new born company has grown up to a 7M euros value counting on 90 employees.
Once he left in 2010 Roberto took the opportunity of the start-up for Meware, a particular and complex challenge, given the economic trends of these days, especially in the ICT sector.
Roberto is currently Meware’s Managing Director.

Imma Battaglia

She is the sales manager of Utilities, Energy, PAC, PAL Pubblic markets.
She graduates in Mathematics at the Cacciopoli University of Naples and begins her career in 1984, starting as System Administrator and then turning to a path of Marketing Consultant. She applies the formula “knowledge and expertise as essential prerequisites for a long-term and successful business relation”. Therefore she forms as System Administrator working in the Finance and Public Administration fields with Dataitalia Processing, Insiel in Trieste and Italsiel in Rome. She then enters the Telecommunications world with a company part of the Siemens group and 1995 marked the first year of her Sales and Business Development experience with EMC2. Here she passes from Sales Support to the care of TIM’s Marketing activity, also following the startup projects of Aria in Turkey and Brazil, with big projects of storage infrastructures consolidation. She follows and develops the disaster recovery project on three sites of the Bancoposte division of Poste Italiane. She becomes Consulting Director with the aim of integrating and developing the Business Edge and Conchange acquisitions and therefore develops a Service Oriented Infrastructure program. As an extension of her wide experience with information, management and analysis, she is currently head of Sales and Solutions of SOA, BPM and Business Analytics, as well as of the Meware consultancy. Imma combines the expertise gained from her commitment into the IT structured world with creative and new solutions that she takes from the civil rights world, where she has been volunteering for more than 20 years now.

Francesca Pietrocarlo

Meware's Chief Financial Officer.
Graduated in Economics and Business at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, she is a Tax Advisor and Professional Accountant and has large experience in finance, administration and management monitoring of modern companies. She knows very well labor and tax legislation, has organizational skills, speaks English and French, and is very familiar with most accounting, fiscal and employees management applications. Her professional career starts in 1995 with the financial management of important editorial groups, then joined Roberto Di Giulio in his first entrepreneurial adventure, where she becomes Administrative Manager for 8 years. In October 2011 she enters in Meware management team as the company’s C.F.O. 

Tarquinia Gini

She's the manager of “Business Analytics” area.
She graduated in Math at “Federico II” University of Naples in 1989, reinforcing for more than 20 years her own experience in multinational companies in the Information Technology universe; she began to function roles having growing responsibilities, passing from technical tasks to the managerial, managing extended and miscellaneous teams being operative and efficient. She has a solid experience in project management, and in 2000 obtains the PMP certification, growing at first in applicative sphere, arriving then on the infrastructural, following Enterprise Clients in several branches as Finance, Pubblic Sector and Telecommunications. She has been supervisor of various Business Units reaching both competitive and qualitative results. In 2012 she joined the Meware's management group where she's still the chief of the “Business Analytics” Unit.

Giancarlo Tretola

He's the manager of “SOA & BPM” area.
Giancarlo Tretola received a M.Sc in Computer Engineering at University of Sannio and received a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from the joined program of Engineering Faculty of the University of Sannio (Italy) and Engineering Faculty of the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

During his Ph.D. course and as Research Assistant, he has been involved in research activities at Research Centre On Software Technologies (RCOST) of the University of Sannio, in the field of: Business Processes Automation, Service Oriented Architecture and Autonomic Systems. Furthermore he has been in charge of tutoring and teaching in courses related to Web Software Technologies, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering and Object Oriented Programming. For three years, he has been Adjunct Professor of Programming at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sannio.

Since 2011 he has joined Meware S.r.l. as Software Architect and Project Manager. He has been involved in several software development and maintenance projects, in the fields of Business Process Management for Telco and Finance customers, using Tibco and Oracle Products, with SOA methodologies. Afterwards, He has led Business Intelligence and Risk Management projects, involving SAS products, Datawarehouse and Enterprise Application Integration methodologies, for several Banking institutes. From march 2015 has taken the role of Business Unit Manager of the SOA & BPM Business Unit. Moreover he leads the Research & Development team of the Meware S.r.l., being involved in EU funded Research projects about logistics: Modulushca, Logicon and Citylab. His research interest are the Physical Internet, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics.


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