Meware developed important skills about logistics, through several projects realized for national clients and by the participation to various research plans,
supported by European Community, about the same topic. In particoular, Meware developed an important project for grid logistic's optimization on behalf of SDA, Poste Italiane's official pony express.
Picking and delivering goods is a quite simple concept in theory, doing it optimazing the resources use in order to reduce costs significantly is the
challenge that we accepted in SDA's optimization project. The decision­making process is based on two different phases: flux's definition between origin's and destination's hub first, flux's definition about each trajectory then.
The optimization's algorithm is designed in order to portray the real definition process of the distribution grid and to evaluate all the achievables scenario
against the information's mutations between hubs and sections. The goal was to reduce drastically the transportation's costs on hubs sorting
lines, rispecting the production capability and travel time restrictions, for each “origin­destination” couple.
Optimization cannot be an abstract concept, instead has to be so operational: “It means that we have to supervise the flux's codification for each class of
product, reduce kilometers covered by means of transport, choose the best means on the streght of kilometrical areas, determinate fluxs in order to convey
quite similar the quantity in way there and way back.” All that determines a profit upon the whole management cicle.

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