The human element is the most important for a company willing to stand out on quality and skills! That’s why Meware holds the personnel factor as a pillar of its strategy: we believe that skill, quality, honesty and likeability can make us different to the customers’ eyes. Such policy is finalized to motivating and enhancing resources through a series of processes and procedures able to manage career paths and professional development based on the following values:

Excellence – Meware has no advancement procedures that are not based on meritocracy finalized to reward excellence; we encourage talented people to express themselves freely and to exploit all their potential, confiding in the company’s ability to give them credit.
Honesty and equality – Processes and procedures of personnel management are conceived and handled with maximum transparency and honesty to improve our people’s sense of equality that makes them feel comfortable at work.
Sharing the company’s strategy – Everybody at Meware has their own well-defined role in the company’s approach finalized to improvement and communication is crucial in the everyday life to reach such goal: from the management’s structured and constant communication of on the company’s trends to the destructured that an open and horizontal place like Meware can offer.
Improving competences – Meware does actually spend many financial resources in formation by encouraging and bearing the costs and the procedures for technical certifications, confiding in the fact that the sum of all skills of each one of its members make the company excellent and different.

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