Once the counterpart's rating has been determined, this has to be extended to those applications wich manage bank's efficiency (PEF, internal applications etc), wich can involve an upgrade of the rating itself. At the same time, the continuous flow of more upgraded news about the counterpart, involves the same necessity of a rating re-calculation.

So, is required to have a process wich takes care of:

1- Make available the most revised rating possible to users/applications;

2- Make it available in different ways

3- Individuate and manage rating upgrade's rules

4- Make a chronology of all the rating's and each component's mutations, in order to make available those informations for the purpose of re-use.

In this ambient, Meware developed a solution (based on SAS technology) wich can give an answer to all those marks written above. Also in this case, SAS technology use, permits to solution to be installed and managed in a eterogeneous framework, because SAS is able to interface with any type of technology and any type of communication protocol.

References: Banca Popolare per l'Emilia Romagna

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