The market of Information & Communication Technology is by now a mature market where the majority of the supply segments respond to the rules of a “commodity” market. The technological development has changed and continues to change the market rules impressively fast. Is not a case that the ICT is a field where, within 50 years, many companies were born and died, blasting with huge success due to their bright ideas but then slipping on the gap of agility of their own innovations, remaining still in their popularity.
Although led by the human factor and thus possibly a guarantee of better stability, the segments of services and solutions operated by Meware follow the same precise rules of competition and change typical of the mature market.
The differentiation based on the innovation within a company of services concretizes with its members’ high expertise, with an organization set to solve any of the customers’ problems, and with the right vision of the development models in technology that may guide the company’s investments, bringing it to be a forerunner and leader of innovation processes.
In order to add value to its customers and set the solid foundations of its growth, Meware therefore took the path of differentiation based on specialization, expertise and quality of the people involved.
Differentiation on quality and expertise to us means being particularly skillful on the most exclusive and innovative technology and being ready to bet on it; it means investing on training, aiming at excellence and quality, granting our customers a response that may range from a very specialized consulting service to a “turn key” service provision.

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